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4 Simple tips to rid your body of Cellulite

Cellulite forms as a result of excessive fat build up, which can often be unevenly distributed and so causes a dimpling effect on the skin. Cellulite usually forms on the buttocks, back of the thighs and arms. Cellulite is an unwelcome sight, but most people are often confused about where it came from and how to...
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Nutrition and Your Genes

At some point in your life you've probably wondered why it is that some people can feel like they gain weight just by smelling food and others can seemingly eat truck loads of it and not gain a kilo. Its seems outrageous, but could there be some truth to this? Well it's really a lot more complicated...
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10 Tips to help your body feel great this Ramadan!

I'm sure anyone who has experienced the Ramadan fast from dawn to dusk can relate to the aftermath of the fast breaking (iftar) dinner. In short it is usually made up of a big variety of lots and lots of food! By the end of dinner most of us are feeling light headed, sleepy, so full that...
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9 steps and tips to reduce your risk of heart disease

The heart is the mechanical hub of a body, pumping blood around our arteries in order for us, as humans, to survive and prosper. If the heart and its associated blood vessels are affected by factors outside the norm, then at some point the rest of the body will feel an impact. According to the Heart...
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