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Mind and Body- Get Connected

We often take for granted the influence our mind has on factors which affect the functioning of our body. The truth is, research is continuously confirming that a mind-body connection for health and well-being not only exists, but it is also one of the most significant determinants of long term success! It can be life changing in...
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The power of positivity

We all know that positive energy is a good thing, right? The vibes of positive energy are also essential for mental health, radiating a confident body image and overcoming unhealthy behaviours. Remaining positive and optimistic helps break through the ice of self-prescribed beliefs and...
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Weight Loss Motivation

Motivation for Weight loss Overweight and obesity is a conundrum on a global scale, fuelled by moderately inexpensive, vastly refined high energy foods, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle that reduces our activity and movement. It takes a lot of will power and motivation to ignore the external and internal forces that lure us to eat more of...
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