3 Secrets to Health

Have you ever wondered…

Why so many people find it difficult to implement health changes?

And why the people who do manage to make adjustments find it hard to keep up with those changes long-term?

I have often pondered over this issue. In reality, if you have ever tried to make changes to diet or lifestyle yourself, or tried to convince someone else to, you would be well aware that it can be a difficult assignment.

As a private practice dietitian who has met many individuals and families, I have conjured up the conclusion that behaviour modification extends way beyond making a decision to change!

Behaviour modification requires strong intrinsic commitment and ongoing motivation.

Seems fairly easy, right? The health benefits that one can attain should be enough motivation to drive commitment of these healthier lifestyle changes. The majority of people understand changes are a necessity for success, however sadly it is only a small percentage of people that actually go on to implement changes.

In the clinic, I regularly noticed a robust relationship between mentality and the potential for behaviour modification. The individuals who portrayed a strong sense of value or self-worth, or could be convinced of this, generally were more likely to implement changes and maintain them for longer.

On the flipside, individuals at the other end of the spectrum who felt it was “selfish” to have these mindsets, tended to be stuck in a vicious cycle of failure. They were less likely to implement any effective or long-term change.

So, how can we translate this into action?

I have listed three basic tips I believe are essential for long-term mental and physical health.

Three secrets to a healthier YOU!

  1. Think/act positive.

You are important, you are valuable, you deserve to live a healthy life, with an improved quality of life. Look after yourself every day!

  1. Nourish and flourish!

For individuals who constantly feel they are being tortured when eating healthy food, it is virtually impossible to continue on such a diet long-term. So, what is the solution?

I strongly believe in the power of the mind! When you eat healthy, look at the positives and learn to embrace the healthy food. Entertain your mind and remember the food you are eating is nourishing you from the inside out. Refuse to waste your energy on ’empty calories’, or more so, foods which are high in calories and low in nutritional value.

  1. Choose healthy lifestyle change NOT “diet”

By nature, a diet is generally a “temporary” quick fix. Most fad diets are too difficult to maintain long-term because they are either overly extreme or nutritionally unbalanced. As a result, if you return to your pre-diet lifestyle, the source of the problem is not properly removed, and the weight or other negative health problem creeps back up to pre-diet status.

A “healthy lifestyle change” involves a positive mental outlook on modifying your diet and lifestyle in a way that will integrate seamlessly into YOUR life, and take into account your individual needs. Usually, this should be achieved with the guidance of a Dietitian/Nutritionist. This approach is the most beneficial and sustainable long-term.

I hope these tips help you to be the healthiest and happiest you!

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. –Joyce Meyer

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