The power of positivity

We all know that positive energy is a good thing, right? The vibes of positive energy are also essential for mental health, radiating a confident body image and overcoming unhealthy behaviours.

Remaining positive and optimistic helps break through the ice of self-prescribed beliefs and opinions of how you need to look and what you should eat.

The images of professionally photo shopped, plastic magazine models and expensive celebrity fads are never really achievable for those of the real world. Let’s be honest, there is nothing wrong with that! It is okay to be “normal”.

Positive thinking promotes a healthy attitude to appreciate oneself and is likely to encourage more wholesome behaviours. Enjoying nutritious meals and being involved in physical activity and exercise are some of these. Research has shown that the simple action of eating healthier foods and/or regular exercise, can improve health parameters such as insulin, blood glucose and lipids, and of course, aid in weight loss.

You need to remember that YOU are valuable, YOU deserve health, and only YOU can make it happen!





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