Nutrition and Your Genes

At some point in your life you’ve probably wondered why it is that some people can feel like they gain weight just by smelling food and others can seemingly eat truck loads of it and not gain a kilo.

Its seems outrageous, but could there be some truth to this?

Well it’s really a lot more complicated than it seems, because different individuals vary in their metabolism, energy balance, hormones, nutrient absorption and genetic profile.

A blood test can help you understand your hormones and whether or not they are the cause of any of your metabolic  issues. However, as for other factors, a nutrigenomics gene test, is really the most comprehensive way of detecting how your genes respond to different dietary components and lifestyle factors.

A gene test can help you understand which kind of diet best suits you and can help your dietitian personalise your diet to your genetic requirements. It can also detect your risk for gluten and lactose intolerance as well as nutrient deficiencies, and which forms of physical activity your body responds to best.

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