Weight Management

Like anything that requires a bit of persistence and hard work, weight management can be a vicious cycle of ups and downs for many people. This seemingly continuous battle can start to overtake your thoughts, self-confidence, and can severely impact on relationships and activities of daily living.

So, is there an answer? Is there hope?

Research has shown that by implementing a continual combination of strategies over the long term, will help individuals with excess weight to lose weight and keep it off.

1/ The first hurdle: overcome that of the mind!

This means you need to change your way of thinking about your eating habits, food and lifestyle. Dietary changes shouldn’t be seen as temporary, intermittent phases but rather as long-term healthy lifestyle changes. You need to be confident you can succeed at what it is that you put your mind to.

2/ Action: modify and improve your eating habits!

The way to action this is by seeking initial professional advice from a dietitian who will tailor a diet specifically to your needs. Depending on the amount of weight loss required, they may start you off on a stricter regime and progressively wean you onto a balanced and healthy dietary regime for long-term weight maintenance.

3/ Physical Activity

For weight loss, you need to be burning more energy (kilojoules/ calories) than you are consuming.

Many people feel that exercise regimes can be hard to maintain long-term, and that is true! For example, we are more likely to exercise in the warmer months. When we or a loved one get sick, our regime can be effected and may never recover, and so on. However, we need to remember there are no strict rules with exercise, any activity that increases your heart rate is helping you burn energy. It could be mopping, vacuuming, running around the backyard with your kids, or regularly taking the stairs at work rather than the lift.

In summary, try to become a more active person. Work towards incorporating a few 30 – 60-minute sessions of planned exercise per week. This will go a long way when you are striving for success of long-term weight maintenance.

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