Weight Loss Motivation

Motivation for Weight loss

Overweight and obesity is a conundrum on a global scale, fuelled by moderately inexpensive, vastly refined high energy foods, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle that reduces our activity and movement.

It takes a lot of will power and motivation to ignore the external and internal forces that lure us to eat more of these processed and convenient foods.

A major driving force in subsequent success or failure of weight loss strategies is usually motivation!

Three basic factors are the backbone for any successful weight loss regime:

  1. The mind-body connection
  2. Dietary intake
  3. Physical activity (incidental and planned exercise)

The mind-body connection refers to the influence your emotions have over your behaviour and vice versa. This is where motivation plays a pivotal role.

Upholding a strong state of motivation is essential for eliminating any behavioural patterns that could sabotage your health promotion.

Ask yourself the following questions before beginning your weight loss regime:


  • Why should you lose weight?
  • Why do YOU want to lose weight?
  • Why do I eat? am I an emotional eater?


  • What will you achieve from losing weight?


  • How will weight loss improve your quality of life?
  • How do you perceive your ability to change? Can you improve this?
  • How do you respond to positive (happiness, excitement) and negative (sadness, anger, frustration) emotions?

You will be one step closer to a successful campaign once you are able to answer these questions. The responses are wholly and solely up to you.

For success in anything, you need to take ownership of it and weight loss is no different. Motivation is a fundamental force that enables us to persevere despite facing challenges.

Some people are motivated by health concerns, body image, family, friends, etc., and these are all valid motivating factors. However, you need to remember that ‘YOU’ are your own biggest motivator. You need ‘YOU’ to keep up the motivation to succeed in the weight loss regime you have been working so hard on.

Here are some of my best tips to keep you motivated throughout a weight loss regime:

  • Intrinsically motivate yourself: do not rely on others for motivation, love yourself enough to want to look after yourself.
  • Remain positive: every week will differ in its outcome, but the main focus should be on long term health status rather than short term scale numbers.
  • Take a moderate approach: this prevents boredom and exhaustion. Weight loss will never come as quick as you would like. Maintain your results by establishing healthy long term changes that will continue to impact positively on your health, while you are gradually shedding the weight.
  • Avoid binge eating: regardless of how strict your diet and exercise regime are, one binge per week is enough to destroy all of your hard work.

And finally GOOD luck!

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